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We help people in every imaginable area rocket their ideas into enterprise.

With founder Monique Blokzyl, an expert team of industry leaders around the world, Business Launch information, tools, and programs we help you to build your own profitable business while having more freedom, more fun and making more money…

  • Be READY to become an entrepreneur
  • Start with a CLEAR business idea
  • Build a rock-solid business FOUNDATION
  • Assemble your POWERFUL A-Team
  • Attract and retain your IDEAL customers
  • Put CASH in your pocket NOW
  • Remove ALL obstacles to success


iStock_000019508718_ExtraSmallBiz Launch Power Program

You have no clue what steps to take to turn your ideas into gold? You wish you had some step-by-step guidance from successful entrepreneurs? You like to join a small team to get your business started? Join our Biz Launch Power Program!


iStock_000019428373_ExtraSmallGreatest Entrepreneurial Success Strategies

You want to know how Jack Canfield sold more than 500 million books? You want to find out how Mike Koumartzakis turned his start-up into the # 1 market leader within only 3 years? Learn from some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time!


iStock_000018956189_ExtraSmallEntrepreneur Self-Test

Not sure if you should launch your own business? Take this Entrepreneur Self-Test to find out if you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur!



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